Week #21 update

I'm happy with the amount of work done this week on the project. I've not had as much time as usual free and the remainder of what I spent was updating the post-game credits movie, which you can read a detailed post on here.

*Updated post-game credits*

The next build is on target to be put up for download on either Monday or Tuesday (30/31st) Australian time.

Thanks to Jim Winkler (author of the LodeEdit tool) for getting in touch! If you don't have his excellent puzzle editor, you can get a copy from the downloads page.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • when saving a puzzle with phase exit blocks present, the puzzle set will now be marked with a new file version. This will cause the Original game to show the "can't load this version" message box.
  • added missing sound effect to save button
  • added the runner count to the default filename in the save dialog

Runner count in filename
Saving a puzzle set with 1 runner

I've had quite a few requests regarding the file dialog but cannot add them all. The primary reason is I don't want to turn the simple dialog into a complex one (such as adding more folders or browsing around the OS). A request I've had a couple of times is a way to indicate if the set is for one or two runners. As you can see in the screenshot, when saving a new puzzle set, the default filename will show how many runners the set is designed for.


  • fixed bug that did not set the UI or game mode the same as the Original;
  • the game mode will switch between 1P or 2P depending on the current puzzle
  • fixed bug that did not allow monks to eat runners if they were waiting on other monks (Leandro)
  • fixed bug with runners not being able to correctly stand on a monk (Leandro)
  • mouse cursor will hide on the start of a game
  • mouse cursor no longer moves during gameplay (will still control mouse when a dialog is open)
  • gamepad fixes;
  • added force feedback for blasting
  • increased force feedback for most animations
  • fixed gamepads causing players to move in the wrong direction (Howie)
  • fixed monks eating runners too far away when walking on goo covered blocks


  • numerous interface tweaks
  • transferring of puzzle set added;
  • these puzzle sets will be downloaded to the PUZZLES\WEB folder in your game directory
  • removed vast quantities of old code

Some of you may have played an earlier build with LAN. I won't go into it again why it was removed but what you don't know is that it wasn't actually removed at all - the option on the main menu was just disabled. The new LAN is being developed side-by-side with the original. With the lobby system just on complete, I've been able to remove a large portion of the old code.


  • previewing puzzle fixes;
  • exit ladder no longer show - this matches the Original
  • phase exit blocks show as blastable blocks
  • fixed positioning of tooltips attached to large controls (puzzle schematic, for example) in full-screen
  • current tooltip will be cleared when toggling between window modes
  • fixed the post-game credits (blog post here)
  • the default gamepad binding to drop a bomb is now Y

Bugs being worked on

  • nothing!

What I'll probably do next week

  • start LAN gameplay