Week #40 update

Most of week #40 was spent making headway into my TO-DO list. I've been doing this for three weeks now and I'd say around 90% has now been done which I'm happy with.

I'm not very creative so it take me quite a while to make puzzles. To help with this, I've added a random puzzle generator to paint some objects to give you a helping hand. It doesn't generate a complete or solvable puzzle but it does greatly help in puzzle creation. You can read all the random puzzle generator here.

If you haven't already, please head over to the downloads page and get yourself a copy of September's build. Over 70 fixes/enhancements and add-ons + saved game support and more. Read a full round-up of the September build here.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • you can now press CTRL+R to generate some random objects to speed up puzzle creation
  • fixed bug that did not delete a puzzle until the second click (Kyson)
  • fixed bug that crashed the puzzle when trying without any runners (when adding blank puzzles or from a new set) (Kyson)
  • fixed the try with no runner error prompt showing blank text


  • fixed bug that allowed a monk to keep moving down a ladder before the game begins
  • fixed bug that could cause a player to fall despite being able to stand
  • you can now use a tool (if the tool's rules permit it) or drop a bomb when hiding inside a hidey-hole - this matches the original
  • players not idle for a frame at the top of a ladder before grabbing onto a monkey bar - this matches the original
  • fixed bug that caused gold to disappear when a monk carrying it fell into a blasted hole vertically (Jukantos)
  • you can no longer blast a block under a hidey-hole - matches original (Kyson)
  • fixed bug that prevented a monk from falling when climbing out a blasted hole the adjoins an empty tile (Kyson)
  • fixed bug that allowed two monks to merge together under some scenarios (Kyson)
  • gold being carried by a monk who is killed in a bomb blast will drop the gold (if possible) - matches original (Kyson)
  • fix quirk that caused a monk going up one ladder to grab onto a monkey bar and not move down (Kyson)
  • fixed some bugs with the bucket of goo;
  • fixed bug that caused game to crash when using goo bucket on the 2nd last row (Kyson)
  • fixed bug that stopped goo being thrown correctly on the bottom row with liquid
  • fixed bug that could crash the game with goo under some conditions
  • redid monks bumping when they are waiting on another monk when climbing out of a blasted hole is concerned;
  • previously, the monks could fall over each other and get stuck when they shouldn't
  • the new way is not the same as the original - I'm not keen on how that works; sometimes monks wait on others despite being ready to climb out and I don't like how they pause in odd poses bent in half
  • the last position the monks now pause in after he jumps and clings onto the edge - this looks a lot nicer

Monk waiting


The September build does have quite usable LAN, however, I was a little rushed for time and didn't finish it off as much as I would have liked. The last few days has been spent vastly improving network gaming so the October build will be near complete.


  • the game will now remember if you last played full-screen or windowed and restore this (Kyson)
  • fixed bug that caused you to get stuck loading a saved game even when deciding against playing (Kyson)
  • if the game crashed whilst playing, the puzzle will be added to the dump log
  • greatly increased speed to draw the fonts + refactored font handling
  • fixed vertically alignment glitch for message box prompts/alerts
  • when the options and main menu audio track completes, they will play again after one minute
  • fixed a typo in the language files (both English and French)
  • moved the default scoreboard to the language files
  • pruned more dead code from the project

Bugs being worked on

  • monk AI stack issues, mainly relating to multiple monks accessing ladders
  • monks being too greedy with gold collection
  • goo not dropping off or sticking to phase blocks correctly

What I'll probably do next week

  • play/test for bugs
  • work on some of my TO-DO list items
  • continue AI improvements
  • continue LAN